Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control – PID´18 IFAC Conference

The 3rd IFAC Conference on Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control (PID´18) was held in Ghent, Belgium, from 9th to 11th May 2018, organized by Ghent University (Belgium) in cooperation with BIRA (Belgian Association of Automation), IE-NET (Industrial Engineering Network) and Flanders Make (Industrial Development Platform). PID´18 has been sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee on Control Design (TC2.1) and co-sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee on Chemical Process Control (TC6.1) and the IFAC Technical Committee on Control Education (TC9.4). The conference follows the prior trademark events from 2000 (Terassa, Spain) and from 2006 (Brescia, Italy).

PID´18 aimed at gathering academic and industrial experts in the field in order to present the recent research developments in the design of PID controllers and to provide a perspective of the future requirements for PID controllers in industry, with focus on Industry 4.0 relevance.

Former PID’12 chair Antonio Visioli (Brescia Univ., Italy) served as IPC chair and Alf Isaksson (ABB, Sweden) served as IPC Vice-Chair for Industry. Proceedings editor was Daniel Rodriguez Ramirez (University of Seville, Spain). National Organizing Committee (NOC) Chair was Clara Ionescu (Ghent University) together with NOC Industry Chair Geert Deconinck (Industrial Control and Automation – BIRA) and NOC Industry Vice-Chairs: Joseph Serneels (IE-NET) and Dirk Torfs (Flanders Make).

The International Program Committee with 54 members from 23 countries provided excellent support in reviewing all 190 submissions to the conference, with a total of 555 authors (cumulative number) from 35 countries. Eventually, 164 papers have been accepted, distributed in 9 interactive sessions and 25 oral presentation sessions among the 189 registered participants, from which 11% was industry participation.

Special thanks to Bozenna Pasik-Duncan who flew in last minute especially to attend our event and acknowledged women in control engineering at the dinner party in Brugge (see Photo 1).

PHOTO1: Women in control engineering present at the Dinner Banquet in Beer Brewery location “De Halve Maan” in Brugge, Belgium, on Thursday 10th May 2018.


Young Author Award received 6 nominations, with selected finalists: S. Jain (Indian Institute of Technology, India), J.D. Gil (Universidad de Almeria, Spain) and winner A. Hoyo (University of Almeria, Spain) with paper “Robust QFT-based PI Controller for a Feedforward Control Scheme” (see Photo 2).

PHOTO2: Clara Ionescu, NOC Chair (left) and on behalf of the winner, a colleague from the same university took the prize (right).

Furthermore, the conference featured also a robot beer competition organized by Cosmin Copot (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and winner was Mercedes Chacon Vasquez (Universidad de Costa Rica) (see photo3).

PHOTO3: Winner of Beer Robot Competition Mercedes Chacon Vasquez (Universidad de Costa Rica)

From the industry part represented by Alexis Piron and Jan Verhasselt, YAZZOOM Belgian company, a competition for tuning PID for chemical process control using dedicated software awarded the winner Anditio Boby (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia) (see photo4).

PHOTO4: Winner of the YAZZOOM, Alexis Piron PID tuning competition Anditio Boby (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia).

Of course, the success of the PID´18 technical program is the result of many people’s effort. On behalf of the NOC and IPC, we would like to thank all the authors, IPC members, NOC members, reviewers, and participants for their contributions, and also the session chairs and co-chairs for conducting the technical sessions and providing valuable feedback on their development.  We are grateful to the many volunteers who have contributed to the organization.

PHOTO5: Volunteers contributing to the IFAC PID18 organization.


Clara M. Ionescu
T.C. 6.4
NOC Chair

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