TC 6.1 Annual Meeting at ADCHEM 2018

TC 6.1 Chair Richard Braatz conducts the meeting

Hector Budman reports on the activity of the working group (Energy)

The IFAC TC 6.1 deals with developing the modeling and control techniques tailored to the needs of applications in the chemical process industries, and applying these techniques to bench-, pilot-, and production-scale processes. Chemical processes arise in many industries including oil and gas, batteries, petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, agrochemicals, biotechnology, and pulp and paper. The techniques span from first-principles approaches to learning and data analytics. Systems synthesis includes the design of plant-wide control architectures and operation support systems, the selection and placement of system components (including sensors and actuators), controller design and tuning, and process and quality monitoring. TC 6.1 supports research, development, technology transfer, and education in all of these areas.

The most recent annual meeting of TC 6.1 was held at the ADCHEM in Shenyang, China, on July 26, 2018. Most of the meeting was devoted to discussions of the location and programming of upcoming IFAC meetings, led by TC Chair Richard Braatz. TC members also discussed several topics informally, which included suggestions to increase student participation such as scheduling increased time for discussions after oral presentations and holding late-night poster sessions. A summary of some of the main discussions is below.



IPC Chair B. Wayne Bequette reported on the 2018 ADCHEM. The conference was highly successful.



IPC Chair Benoit Chachuat and TC 6.1 Chair Richard Braatz encouraged submissions to the next DYCOPS to be held in Florian├│polis, Brazil on April 23-26, 2019 ( TC members interested in contributed to invited sessions are encouraged to contact the Working Group Chairs Hector Budman (Energy), Rudiyanto Gunawan (Systems Biology), S. Joe Qin (Big Data Analytics), and Luis Ricardez-Sandoval (CO2 Management). The deadline for submission was September 29, 2018.


2020 IFAC World Congress

IPC Co-Chair Rolf Findeisen encouraged contributions to the 2020 IFAC World Congress, which will be held in Berlin, Germany on July 12-17, 2020 (



This symposium is scheduled to go to Europe/Africa according to the geographical rotation in place (Asia/Australia to Americas to Europe/Africa). Proposals were presented by C├ęsar De Prada and Gabriele Pannocchia on holding the 11th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes in Spain or Italy, respectively. High-quality proposals were presented, and members asked questions, mostly concerning the quality of internet and whether the registration fees could be reduced. The representatives indicated that they would try to raise funds from industrial sponsors to reduce costs, but kept a high registration fee in their proposals to be conservative. The representatives from Spain and Italy then left the room. Both proposals had substantial support, with Italy receiving the majority of the votes and so was selected as the site. Spain was encouraged to re-submit the proposal for next IFAC Symposia sponsored by the TC 6.1 to be held in Europe.



This symposium is scheduled to go to Asia/Australia according to the geographical rotation in place. Proposals were solicited before the TC meeting. Denis Dochain, Jong Min Lee, and Richard D. Braatz presented proposals on holding the 2022 DYCOPS in Romania, South Korea, or Malaysia. High-quality proposals were presented for each country, and members asked questions and made comments. It was commented that (1) the 2022 DYCOPS is scheduled to go to Asia/Australia according to the existing geographical rotation, (2) the IPC Chair is selected by the TC rather than the NOC, and (3) the IPC Chair has been selected in recent years to be from a different geographical region than where the symposium is held. These practices were put in place some years ago to ensure that each IFAC Symposium is well represented by the international community, rather than becoming a regional conference. The vote to select the site will occur at the TC meeting to be held at the 2019 DYCOPS.



By Richard D. Braatz (TC 6.1 Chair)

Jong Min Lee (TC 6.1 Vice Chair)

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